quadratic mean

quadratic mean

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  • quadratic mean — noun : the square root of the arithmetic mean of the squares of the quantities * * * quadratic mean The square root of the arithmetical mean of the squares of the given quantities • • • Main Entry: ↑mean …   Useful english dictionary

  • quadratic mean — noun A type of average, calculated as the square root of the mean of the squares, ie. . Syn: root mean square, RMS …   Wiktionary

  • mean — mean1 /meen/, v., meant, meaning. v.t. 1. to have in mind as one s purpose or intention; intend: I meant to compliment you on your work. 2. to intend for a particular purpose, destination, etc.: They were meant for each other. 3. to intend to… …   Universalium

  • Mean — This article is about the statistical concept. For other uses, see Mean (disambiguation). In statistics, mean has two related meanings: the arithmetic mean (and is distinguished from the geometric mean or harmonic mean). the expected value of a… …   Wikipedia

  • Quadratic — In mathematics, the term quadratic describes something that pertains to squares, to the operation of squaring, to terms of the second degree, or equations or formulas that involve such terms. Quadratus is Latin for square . Mathematics Algebra… …   Wikipedia

  • quadratic — 1. adjective a) square shaped b) of a polynomial, involving the second power (square) of a variable but no higher powers, as . 2. noun A quadratic polynomial, function or equation. See Also: quadrate, quadratic equation, quadratic fo …   Wiktionary

  • Quadratic form — In mathematics, a quadratic form is a homogeneous polynomial of degree two in a number of variables. For example, is a quadratic form in the variables x and y. Quadratic forms occupy a central place in various branches of mathematics, including… …   Wikipedia

  • Quadratic reciprocity — The law of quadratic reciprocity is a theorem from modular arithmetic, a branch of number theory, which shows a remarkable relationship between the solvability of certain quadratic equations modulo different prime moduli.Although it allows us to… …   Wikipedia

  • Mean squared error — In statistics, the mean squared error (MSE) of an estimator is one of many ways to quantify the difference between values implied by a kernel density estimator and the true values of the quantity being estimated. MSE is a risk function,… …   Wikipedia

  • Quadratic polynomial — In mathematics, a quadratic polynomial is a polynomial whose degree is 2. A quadratic polynomial with three terms is called a quadratic trinomial. Some examples of quadratic polynomials are ax 2 + bx + c , 2 x 2 − y 2, and xy + xz + yz… …   Wikipedia

  • Quadratic form (statistics) — If epsilon is a vector of n random variables, and Lambda is an n dimensional symmetric square matrix, then the scalar quantity epsilon Lambdaepsilon is known as a quadratic form in epsilon. ExpectationIt can be shown that:operatorname{E}left… …   Wikipedia

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